The night is very silent

Yet my mind is still awake

Time slowly passes

When I look again

Another minute has passed

And I still see light

I could think about

Everything from left to right

Nothing seems to stop

It’s hard to admit

I can’t seem to fall asleep

The drink does not help

I let the time pass

And it really does pass me

Some light seems to come

Now I am not alone

They have awakened early

But it’s not early

I don’t remember

The exact start and finish

With this weird cycle

Some thoughts are too…

It’s such a confusing decision that I don’t know any details about.

I’ve made a list of the pros and cons on going back. And I will share some with you.

First off, I am saving money being at home. Obviously a pro. Yes, I have spent more money on takeout or snacks, but still housing and other costs are lowered.

Living under my parent’s house and not having the transportation costs, man I am saving that money. With my brother at home as well, we are using the school money for payments and other necessary purchases.

AND takeout is…

There are just too many options.

When I first think about decisions, I think about my parents.

Growing up, they have told me all different kinds of stories based on their limited choices and options. Their life was not filled with physical objects and food.


They didn’t have money and food, but a lot of family members and relatives.

My mom had many siblings, and was a big family. With the limited of food such as rice and sometimes potatoes, the family members were always fighting for food. …

I am slowly easing my way to anime…

gotta give it to Taiwanese dramas for bringing me into this world

Where should I begin with this topic? I have probably started watching dramas and tv shows since I was in middle school. My sister was watching lots of Taiwanese dramas when I was young. Later, when my sister-in-law came along, I got more exposed to the Asian drama world.

Both of them seemed to start with Taiwanese dramas, and it was my start, too. Later in middle school, most of my friends were Korean and I tried Korean dramas.

Let me just say now that Korean dramas hit different!

It is a…

We want to have no acne, no wrinkles, no marks, no…

The list goes on and on…

Who doesn’t want flawless skin?

screenshot from our beloved sephora

However, there is a problem for some of us skincare or makeup lovers? (I won’t be mentioning makeup as I don’t ever really use it.)

WE HOARD! (including little samples)



I am going to first shoutout to my supplier of most of my skincare goods that aren’t drug store.


That online and physical store brand is the one that I have rarely had a problem with. One…

pt 2 because pt 1 caught some attention

straight off Louis Vuitton’s website! GIRL POWER!

Now, why did I choose Louis Vuitton instead of Proenza Schouler?

Great question. I have two stories for both of them. Someone (my sister in law) actually ended up getting a Louis Vuitton bag for her birthday, and I didn’t get the Proenza Schouler bag that I wanted for my birthday.

We have close birthdays. Mine came first in January. This year, I turned 20. I wanted to treat myself to a bag. I thought about all kinds of things and objects, but I couldn’t make up my mind.

I wanted something…

I am really confused with what I want to do.

I miss my campus and school. It’s been a long year.

Yes, it would be great to say, “I graduated from college.” And I am not saying no to that. I am saying yes to making some changes.

My parents have known from the start I didn’t want to go to college. I am not the studying type of person. I just want to get a job and start working. But as multiple tedious experiences with working at fast-food restaurants and Asian restaurants and little money, my parents do not want me to have the same experience.

They wanted me to…


Man, I never thought I would post this. BUT I never ever rarely have problems with YouTube, but it’s been like half an hour already.

With my favorite 2x speed on all videos I watch besides ones in Spanish, I could have watched 2 episodes of my tv shows. OMGGGG!!!!!

It is a school night! Which means night time is for watching YouTube. I never would have thought that I would have this much withdrawal symptoms lollll.

I am literally dancing and refreshing my phone and my computer at the same time!!!!


Because many of us are making more mistakes than ever.

We love new things, and we love love new surroundings. BUT No matter how much we love our homes, we get sick of it.

Right now, as a college student, I am going crazy.


BUT STILL>>> I am sick of being at home.

Right now, I am in online school. It is hard. It is complicated. It is tedious.

There is so much work, and even more personal work. Planning has been a life-saver, but it’s not enough to get the job…

it was 10 cents. hehe. THANK YOU!

Here, I will give you the link to the article that gave me 10 cents.

It is pretty surprising. I have written on this platform for almost a whole year in about 20 days. It is crazy!!! Thank you to all the 505 views (as of now) that I have received. I am just not going to mention the reading time because it probably reflects to my first payment from this platform hehe.

This platform I started on my first year of college. I think not having regular social media apps really allowed…


Hello. Welcome to my crazy and strange mind. Sometimes I rant, but you just gotta go with the flow.

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